Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and feel at home at Piccobello Bed & Breakfast

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Welcome to a wonderful stay at Piccobello Bed & Breakfast in Valloby near Køge

The ideal place for a romantic weekend, for business persons, bicycle tourists backpacker and families who enjoy beautiful surroundings

Here is an opportunity for relaxing walks in the park surrounding Vallø Slot, follow Tryggevaelde river or run, cycle or perhaps playing golf on one of the two nearby golf courses.

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and feel at home. Piccobello bed & breakfast is newly opened located in Valloby far away from traffic. If you need silence, this is the right place.

The surroundings are quiet and rural – and yet close to most: Koege 10 minutes, Copenhagen 45 minutes and 30 minutes to Roskilde by car. Short distance to the bus directly to Koege center.

We are also close to the popular Berlin-Copenhagen route (etape 3, Valløby) and certified as charging spot for the electrified bicycles. Video Piccobello is located in scenic Vallo surrounded by forests, fields and a historic castle from 1580.

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Rooms & Breakfast

Read more about our rooms and breakfast.

The rooms are decorated in comfortable and bright colors. One room with a large double bed and the other room has 2 single beds, all electric adjustable. In addition, the possibility of an extra bed if there would be a need for it. Both rooms are located at ground level with private entrance. The obvious choice if you have difficulty with stairs.

Rooms include:

  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • Satellite TV with english, german and danish programs
  • Towels and bedsheets
  • Kitchenette with free coffee and tea
  • 2 bicycles
  • Microwave oven
  • 600 m2 garden
  • Hammock, barbeque and deckchairs
  • Washing machine and clothes dryer available at extra charge
  • All rooms have adjustable beds

Our bed and breakfast Rooms

Read more about our rooms below.

bed and breakfast Log Cabin

Here you see the Log Cabin. In the garden we have the log cabin, especially suitable for the family with children, or for those who prefer a private bath and toilet. The cabin is decorated in nordic style. Of course, there is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy your breakfast right outside on the patio, or you can sit inside the cabin at your own.

Room Lavender

“Maris” comes from Latin and means sea. Therefore, the room kept in blue and bright colors. On the walls you will find unique Skagen romance with designs by the world-famous painter P.S.Krøyer (1851-1909).

Room Lime

Room “Silva” is also Latin and means forest. The room is kept in the color theme of trees, green leaves, woodland and nature experiences. You can only get in a good mood.


The kitchenette includes free coffee and tea, and the option to heat a meal in the microwave owen. Also here a washing machine and clothes dryer available at extra charge. Should you fancy a cold beer or soda you just have to open the “minibar” at the entrance. Here you will find the most you need.



Try the local danish breakfast, that can be taken in the room at the table, that can be extended so there is plenty of space if you want to eat breakfast with your friends in the next room. Breakfast can be of your choice freely chosen. If one wants to be self-helped, you will have the kitchenette with the necessary things you need. In the summer, many guests choose to sit in the garden and eat breakfast where you can hear the birds sing and the flowers smell. If you are lucky, the pheasant walks by.

Garden & Immediate area

There are many options to keep a nice relaxing holiday with us.

In the immediate area you can run or walk in Vallo parklands located 1000 m from here. Or how to ride down to the beach about 10 minutes away. If you choose a trip to Køge, it takes approx. 20 minutes with bicycle.

Here you find historical, cultural and shopping opportunities. Visit East Denmark og Margueritruten.

If you like golf or fishing this is also possible. Along the coast and in the Tryggevælde Å there are plenty of opportunities to catch a fish. Here the Denmark record for a pike was 16.1 kg

There are fine bathing opportunities near Køge Marina just 10 minutes by car from here.

The Garden

Enjoy the sun in the garden or on the terrace which is furnished with lounge chairs, cozy hammock and barbecue. Wi-Fi covers of course also here. We look forward to welcoming you and we will do our utmost to give you an unforgettable experience.


Danish tourist Attractions

Find inspiration for holiday activities while you stay at Piccobello B&B.


Køge is a very charming town with beautiful old houses and many specialty shops located in the small courtyards that surround the town square. Every Wednesday and Saturday is market day in the town square. Køge offers excellent shopping, cafes and restaurants. Watch video.

Kjøge mini-town

Visit Kjøge Mini-Town where a historically accurate replica of the town of Kjøge AD 1865 is built on the scale of 1 to 10. You are welcome to follow the entire working process in our workshops and to have a chat with our competent craftsmen. Watch video.

SydkystDanmark (South Coast Denmark)

Find inspiration for your holiday in South Coast Denmark. Here is a selection of the many types of holidays and experiences in the area. Official youtube channel. Read more


During the Cold War, the fort was a secret piece in Denmark and NATO’s defense. The peninsula Stevns would be in the very frontline if war broke out between East and West. Therefore, they constructed this place, and in 40 years it was ready for war round the clock. There are guided tours in the unique fortification from the Cold War by 1.6 km of corridors, 18 meters underground. Keep warm outfit. Read more

Roskilde show

Roskilde Show is a display and 3-day celebration. The place where town meets country, and where all who love animals and nature, healthy food, recreation and huge machines meet.


A super fun amusement park located in Holme-Olstrup, about 9 km. from Næstved. BonBon-Land has more than 50 rides and free access to all of them, once admission is paid. There are many good restaurants in BonBon-Land, but you are also allowed to bring your own lunch and settle in the quiet green surroundings. Watch video.

Vallø golf

Visit Vallo golf which has 2 golf courses and take a round of golf on one of the most scenic courses, followed by a delicious dinner in the Gallery “Kratgaarden” nearby. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view from the Old Bronze age mound “Ranes Banke” – Eastern Sealand highest point. Watch video.

Stevns klint

The beautiful Stevns Klint must be experienced. The entire 18 km long cliff is a dramatic conclusion of the Zealand landscape facing the Sound. The highest point is 41 meters. From here you have a beautiful view over the sea, and on clear days you can see Sweden and the Öresund Bridge. Follow the many steps down the cliff. Stevns have lots of experiences for the avid fisherman, sailing or water dog. Download Stevns App and explore more than 65 million years of world history. With the app, you can plan your visit at Stevns and get hundreds of stories, movies, animations and games when you visit Stevns Klint’s attractions. Navigating with GPS map that guides you to explain why dinosaurs became extinct. The dramatic chapter in Earth’s history hiding namely in Stevns.

Visit Copenhagen

Experience life in the big city – it’s easy. By car it takes 45 min. to the town center. If you want to save the hassle of parking, you can take the bus and train. There are good connections to Køge and further if you want. Watch video.


Tivoli is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen. The park opened on August 15, 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world and also the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world, the most visited theme park in Scandinavia and the fourth most visited in Europe. Watch video.

The Danish Monarchy

For those who love the royal family.

Roskilde festival

One of Northern Europe’s largest festivals, and if you want to sleep well and be able to take a bath, so is “Piccobello” about 25 km from the festival site. If you want to save the hassle of parking, you can take the bus and train.

Camp adventure

Credit CAMP ADVENTURE, EFFEKT Arkitekter, Fotograf: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Prices & contact

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to reserve. We can be caught both by telephone and by email. We also speak german and english.


No dogs allowed. Bed linen and towels are included in the price Check-in: From 16.00 / 4.00 p.m. Check-out: Last time 10.00 / 10 a.m.

Breakfast – Juice, boiled egg, warm bread, fruit, jam, ham, cheese and more at a time agreed with you. Children below 12 years – half price.

Room Prices

  • Grey room (garten cabin) 850 kr./115€
  • Lime Room 750 kr./100€

    2 people, double bed

  • Lavender Room 750 kr./100€

    2 people, single beds

  • Lavender Room 550 kr./74€

    1 person

  • Children under 2 years Free
  • Breakfast 80 kr./10,8€

    Per person

Piccobello Bed & Breakfast

The ideal place for a romantic week-end, for business persons, bicycle tourists and families who enjoy beautiful surroundings.

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Piccobello Bed & Breakfast is official partner with Stevns Klint World Heritage Site - Unesco World Heritage, and we are very proud of being!

Being a partner means being an ambassador for UNESCO World Heritage Stevns Klint.

We are educated to get better prepared to take care of Stevns Klint and not least to spread the knowledge of Stevns Klint as the place on earth where you can best experience the traces of the asteroid, which for 66 million years ago destroyed all life on earth.

Becoming a World Heritage Partner makes sense for us. Piccobello act as an oasis for the tourists and visitors at Stevns when searching for a place to stay. Common to us and Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage is, that we are working to spread awareness of Stevns, Stevns cliff and the local sights.