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After my trip, I’m convinced the only way to explore Oman is to hire a 4 x 4, which I rented from Budget car rental and self-drove all around the country. The defense mechanisms used at Nizwa fort were far more gnarly than most during the medieval era. ”Fish Marketing”, ”Food Stuff”, or ”Café that offers meals mainly”, among the most classic ones. Subscribe to win! Life moves at a slower pace here. Two years after leaving Dubai and my corporate job, I came back to the region and decided to travel around Oman for a whole month, this time without a car, right before making my way to Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, travel onwards to Sur. From Muscat, you can follow the signs to Fanja. Over my backpacking journey, I lost count of all the house invitations I got, plus the kindness of the many locals I hitched a ride with, always willing to meet and help you, expecting nothing in return. Ras Al Jinz has guided excursions at night (incredible!) there aren’t budget hotels and rates may easily start at 100USD per night. Guests are not supposed to leave any food – That was hard because of the XXL portions, In rural areas, you should eat with your right hand and doing otherwise is considered rude –, Sign up for Couchsurfing events and join weekend trips, They just go to the main cities and towns. It is one of the 22 countries that comprise the Arab League. Cities in Oman are not walking-friendly, so when you get to a city by bus, you are screwed again. If you rent your own car and pack some camping equipment, you can completely alleviate your accommodation costs if travelling Oman on a budget. It was before I started the MuslimTravelGirl’s adventures so I never really posted or wrote about it. You should ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance coverage before travelling to Oman. A car will make your life much easier, plus you will be able to find epic camping spots and just have a lot of freedom. Feel free to let me know in the comments below! Some old people still live in the collapsing houses, too stubborn to move. Today’s journey consists of a lot of driving, but frequent scenic stops en-route break up the journey. Most likely, their ancestors come from Zanzibar but, culturally, they are 100% Omani. If you come from any other country, I suggest you check the e-visa portal. Oman’s location may have you drawing up some conclusions about what the situation in the country is like, however Oman could not be more different to the typical Middle East stereotype – neither grandiose and extravagant, nor war-torn and falling, Oman is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. No, they don’t need to because people visit Oman to meet the kind-hearted Omanis, to check out the incredible coastline and the most epic mountains in the Arabian Peninsula, which go as high as 3,028m. In keeping with their commitment to timeliness, Oman Air informs its travellers regarding any changes in flight timing via SMS to provide a seamless and pleasant experience to all their passengers. Actually before my visit I never considered Oman a worthy destination. I collaborated with several companies during our Oman trip which reduced our Oman travel costs. Ibra and Al Minzifa are situated at the gateway to the Sharqiya region of Oman and were once some of the most luxurious and aristocratic parts of the country during the period that Oman ruled over Zanzibar and traders would send their money back home to invest into luxury properties. Omantel is the most popular one. We offer travel at great prices. Baluchis were known for being fierce warriors and that is why, over the centuries, the Sultanate used them as loyal mercenaries to consolidate Oman’s power. For this reason, you should get the right insurance and I strongly believe that World Nomads is the best one because: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE QUOTE FROM WORLD NOMADS. You can opt for either a 10-day Omani visa at 5 OMR ($10) or a month-long Omani visa for 50 OMR ($100). They deducted the payment and send me a confirmation email. If you want to join an Omani group, check the weekly events on Couchsurfing. Especially in Muscat but, in smaller cities and rural areas, communicating in English can be a problem sometimes. The corridors and passageways are filled with false floors that give way when stepped upon for intruders to fall down sheer drops or into tomb raider style spikes. So no. Instead, they stop at the entrance and beep like crazy until a poor Bengali comes out asking for their order. For more information, read: Solo female travel in Oman. A somewhat unsuspecting site from the outside, Bimmah sinkhole is a UNESCO listed wonder of nature. He said that some old people from remoter villages in his region can’t speak Arabic, only Jabali. So, when you are traveling in rural Oman, getting connected may prove challenging. Organised tours are expensive. In Oman, there really isn’t a spring or autumn season but the weather just evolves from crazy hot to pleasant. As you may expect from Oman being an oil country, petrol is very cheap here – to the tune of just 40p/$0.60 per litre! The cabs run on a meter and from my experience, Omani cab drivers are straight and will not try to trick you.  Alternatively, you can board the mwasalat bus to the central station in Ruwi and change buses from there. Oman is relatively new to international tourism and as such, the Oman tourism infrastructure isn’t very established yet. Today, a large population of Baluchis still remain in Oman (about half a million) and while they are considered 100% Omanis, many of them speak a distinct language which is close to Hindi or Urdu, and they have similarities with their South Asian neighbors. Melissa Douglas is a British Travel Writer and Blogger based in Athens, Greece. Oman Visa: Nationals from the US, UK, and EU countries can get a visa on arrival in Oman.Please check the E-Visa advice on Royal Oman Police visa regulations for more information.. Is Oman Safe To Travel? I have travelled the Middle East extensively as a solo female and the majority of my recent adventures have taken place in Islamic countries. It’s an unusual attraction for sure, but an interesting insight into Omani culture. At Tripadvisor, we believe in the power of travel — and in helping you make the most of every trip. Actually, a good friend of mine from southern Oman told me that since he was born 40 years ago, there is only been one murder in his province (Dhofar), and it was between foreign workers. None. I booked a flight of 13th November 2019 with Oman air from Madrid to Lahore, Pakistan. Nizwa souk is far more than a touristic bazaar that sells overpriced rugs and lanterns. Nizwa was the ancient capital of Oman and arriving here is almost like stepping back in time. I lept on checking the flight status just to make sure. The towns and cities of Oman provide an interesting insight into Omani culture and heritage, but the beauty of Oman is to be found in the nature and the great outdoors. Read how to travel in Dubai on a budget, Iran is so close to Oman, are you going there? Your email address will not be published. Until recently, it was possible to obtain an Omani visa on arrival, however the introduction of the Omani e-visa  has made it a prerequisite to apply for a visa before landing for most nationalities. There isn’t a single Omani who doesn’t love their leader and the reason is that he has made their country great, not only when it comes to giving free stuff to its citizens – like houses – but he introduced a bunch of liberal laws (like freedom of religion) which his dictatorial predecessor didn’t allow. In local eateries, taxis, small shops, budget hotels etc. Before making this decision, you need to think: where are you going to go? Boats for trade, fishing and tourism are still built using wood, and the locals are more than willing to show you the process for this at the local workshop. On the other hand, due to the big Indian influence, you also find loads and loads of restaurants – even in the smallest villages – serving all kinds of Indian food, ranging from daal to fish curries, and even calamari masala, always very cheap. Crimes in Oman like petty theft and violence are very, very uncommon and violent crimes like murder or rape are exceptionally rare. I thought we would be eating oysters in the same way we eat them back home but instead, he brought a massive dish of oysters without shells, cooked in a spicy sauce, but they still preserved the strong sea taste oysters usually have. Besides, 7 times out of 10 my flight gets delayed. It depends on your travel plans – if you intend to stay on the beach most of the time or just to a couple of places like Nizwa or Bimmah sinkhole, then you don’t need an SUV in Oman. However, you won’t really see women socializing alone in the street and, as a man, you will hardly talk to any of them. Domestic flights might be an option if you don’t have a lot of time and want to travel in a fast way from Muscat to Salalah (90 minute flight instead of a 9 hour drive). The first thing you need to know is that in Oman there aren’t hostels or guest houses, only hotels. Once you choose the package you like you will be able to know more details about the package (airline, flight timings, and of course the final price of the offer). Since airlines change flight prices constantly, sign up for Fare Alerts and let FareCompare’s travel search engine monitor airline ticket prices of all major airlines, so you’ll be first in line to get the cheapest tickets. CLICK HERE TO FIND THE LATEST HOTEL DEALS IN OMAN! Ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said since 1970, Oman is one of only two countries in the world that are still ruled by Sultans. Even the utterly negatively-exaggerated FCO advice says that Oman is trouble-free. Situated right in the centre of the Middle East, Oman borders with Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. Oman Tourist Map. Not surprisingly, Oman is getting immensely popular, but the good thing is that the country is big enough, so you can still find loads of off the beaten track places that have remained untouched for centuries. If you are in a house, kahwa will be typically served with dates and if you are lucky, with tajin as well, a kind of sauce in which you dip your dates. Look, I know that I shouldn’t tell a woman what to do, but just bear in mind that you are in their country and, in order to enjoy their kindness and hospitality, showing your respect for their culture is a great start. That dish was, definitely, one of the best dishes I ever had traveling, if not the best. You don’t need to cover your head or anything like that, but just try to dress more conservatively, and you will see that Omanis will receive you in open arms. If possible, try to pay in either Omani Rials or with a credit card, because … It is possible to walk around the rim of the canyon, though there is no hiking trail down to the base unlike its American counterpart. Nada. Oman is very safe and terrorism is unheard of, especially because it has always kept away of all Middle Eastern conflicts. Despite being a mostly desert country, Oman has a fair amount of historical places to visit, ranging from well-restored, impressive forts, like the one in Rustaq, Nizwa or Bahla; to absolutely ruined historical cities like the barely visited one in Manah. From the several Dhofari tribes in southern Oman (which are culturally closer to Yemen) to the Bedouins, Oman is ethnically rich. Balochistan is a region spread across Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan and, for many years, the Baluch city of Gwadar (in today’s Pakistan) was under Omani rule. Over the years, Oman has seen a large influx of people migrating from the Indian and African subcontinents and the majority of that population are concentrated in Sur, creating an altogether unique cultural atmosphere. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BEST CAR RENTAL DEALS IN OMAN. With an intricate network of labyrinth style passageways and narrow alleyways, it is easy to get lost here. As a traveller you will have difficulty finding this place unless you can speak Arabic or befriend locals since it does not exist on maps and lies at the end of an unmarked desert road. Moreover, Wi-Fi networks tend to require a local Omani number in order to connect, so you will have to buy a SIM Card anyways. The world’s largest travel site. Omanis have a strange custom which is that they don’t like to get out of their car when they go to the grocery store or want to take away food. Every time I stayed with an Omani from the north, they gifted me with a crazy bag loaded with dates, and they were so heavy. Know better. They claim that the Arabic from the Gulf is the closest to Classical Arabic, the Arabic the Quran is written in. The people lived in mud houses in the middle of the mountains but later abandoned them in favour of moving to Muscat for work. Most nationalities can buy an Oman tourist visa on arrival: If possible, try to pay in either Omani Rials or with a credit card, because the price in USD is higher than the actual exchange rate. The two and three storey mud houses are constructed in traditional Yemeni style. I traveled around Oman always hitchhiking and, during my journey, I got lifts from many people who had Saddam Hussein’s photo hanging from the rear mirror. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE, Musandam – Dolphin watching and the most impressive fjords in the Persian Gulf. Oman essentials. I hitchhiked more than 1400km, from Salalah to Muscat and everything in between, and never had to wait much. They are strong believers and most of their rules, habits, and laws are based on Islam. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. Oman is a difficult country to move around, basically, because you hardly find public transportation. Al Hamra has also been the setting of various horror movies. If you are not in the lucky countries list, but you are living and working in the United Arab Emirates, you may also be able to get a visa on arrival. This travel guide contains everything you need to know to travel to Oman, including all the practical information, travel tips, top experiences and loads of cultural facts. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE, Muscat City Tour – Muscat is full of amazing sites, but it is not very walking-friendly precisely. Hey, Oman is an adventure destination, a country where you may be camping in the wild, go trekking and do epic road trips, plus their health care system is private. This Oman itinerary is the route that I followed during my solo trip through Oman. We were in Oman in June so we were lucky to be able to watch the nesting process of the endangered giant green turtle. If you want to experience the Omani desert, from here you can travel onwards to Wahiba Sands. I would recommend that you do the same. However, I like to travel to Oman because I freaking love experiencing a culture which, despite the modernization of the country, has managed to preserve all its traditions and that is why, today, in Oman you can still attend a livestock market and always share a meal with a local in the traditional way. There is not a single documented case of an Omani joining ISIS, nor a single case of an Omani being radicalised and going to join the terrorist efforts in Syria and Iraq. Unless you really want to drive off-road, bear in mind that renting a 4×4 is much more expensive than a regular car, so you really need to assess whether it is worth to pay the extra money for being able to go to Jebel Akhdar and Bald Sayt. The fact is that Oman is one of those countries where crime is a rare thing to see. That said, not everyone has the time and financial freedom to spend an extended period travelling in Oman and for that reason this 7-day Oman itinerary is the perfect introduction to the unique culture of the Sultanate nation. I got invited to have coffee to countless houses, they took me out for lunch and dinner every other day and, on many occasions, the people I hitched a ride with, always insisted on driving me to my exact location, even if that required them to make a huge detour. Local farmers travel from miles around to sell livestock at the Friday market. Local food is actually cheap but, if you rent a car and stay in hotels, costs will add up significantly. Hey! Omani Rials are split into baisas (bzs) and 1OR = 1,000bzs. How to plan an Oman road trip Getting your itinerary right. Renting a car in the UAE - Oman road trip from Dubai.  If you struggle locating the path to the ruined town, a friendly local will no doubt be happy to assist you. Omanis are in the top 3 of the most hospitable people I have ever met, along with Iranians and Pakistanis. Don't worry, Oman is very safe and you will have a blast discovering all those points of interest! I recommend you find your car via Rental Cars, a search engine that helps you find the best deals, no matter where you are. Thanks! Omanis are very private. We visited stunning mosques and sandcastle-like forts, hiked up sand dunes and along the rim of the Grand Canyon, swam in the crystal green waters of wadis, and took long walks on empty beaches. When the sun begins to set, explore the old town of Ayjah and the old Merchant’s houses then watch the sun dip below the clouds over the horizon from the white-washed lighthouse. Case in point – while writing this very sentence from the Delta terminal at LaGuardia airport, a text popped up informing me my flight’s been delayed 2 hours. Goats, sheep and cows are for sale, with potential buyers inspecting the animals and negotiating ferociously to ensure that they obtain the best deal. In Oman, they use the Omani Rial (OR) and, approximately, 1USD = 0.39OR – Yes, it is worth more than 2USD. Here we present some top tips that you need to know before visiting Oman. I hung out with Omanis from all ages and social classes and I barely met anyone who didn’t pray 5 times a day. Book better. That place is Oman and this Oman itinerary will help you to discover its treasures. There is a third, more challenging way: hitchhiking – but we will get into that later. and because we stayed at the hotel we were fortunate to have an early morning coffee on the beach and help shephard a few hatchlings to the sea. Here you can find all my articles and guides to Oman, Traveling to Saudi Arabia? Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi usually works great but, unfortunately, it is difficult to find a Wi-Fi network, as the internet is expensive in Oman, so only hotels and Western-style cafés can afford it. It's time to ... Get up to 30% discount with Mastercard! Remember to check then my tips for visiting Iran, And here all my content to the Middle East, This Oman travel guide contained everything you needed to know for your trip. – Find affordable flights to Oman on, a booking site that mixes and matches airlines to find the best route (there’s a money back guarantee if you miss a connection). A holiday in Oman is a worthy experience as visitors enjoy its charming architecture and natural beauty. If you hope to visit the southern city of Salalah, this is the best time to visit. Oman Travel Guide. It takes 11 hours to drive from Muscat to Salalah and 9 hours from Nizwa. Oman . In Oman, there is a place full of green meadows, where it rains, and the locals sell locally-grown coconuts, pineapples, and papayas. My friend catches them. Safety: Oman is one of the safest countries to travel to in the Middle East. To be very honest, Oman is a country which is best explored by car, as the vast majority of its places are completely inaccessible. One by one, the farmers lead their livestock around the marketplace auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Since I couldn’t finish them all, they were piling up, so every time I hitched a ride with a foreigner, I also gave them dates.  Alternatively, consider camping close to Wadi Bani Khalid, or head back to Muscat for the evening. Solo Travel in Oman. Traveling in Oman by bus sucks, for 3 reasons: Going by bus isn’t a good option for traveling in Oman. As I told you before, I traveled in Oman completely by hitchhiking, camped in the middle of towns and cities, and did a lot of Couchsurfing. A short distance from the ruins, the “new” town of Fanja has been built and hosts an interesting local produce and handicrafts market several days a week. From the 17th to the 19th century, the Sultanate of Oman was a major maritime force that controlled a large part of East Africa, Zanzibar being one of the most important territories. From Fanja, drive on to the villages of Ibra and Al Minzifa and wander through traditional souks, date plantations and ruins. Arguably the best time to visit Oman is during the Autumn and Winter months due to the milder temperatures during this season. Oman’s location, a stone’s throw from Saudi Arabia and north of Yemen, can make people (like my mother) nervous. Book a flight or hotel and get up to 30% off on your travel. With all things considered, Oman is a very safe country, but as with travelling anywhere else in the world, exert basic common sense and do not go wandering around alone after dark. If you get yourself into an accident, do not have insurance, and cannot cover your medical bills, you will be prohibited from leaving Oman until you have settled the bill and you could even be jailed. The floor traps have now been covered with Perspex glass, but I strode right over them just to be sure…. In Salalah and around, camel meat is eaten very regularly in most restaurants, usually grilled, but you also find camel shawarmas, burgers and stuff like that. For each of those touristic regions, my eBook includes detailed maps with all the things to do in order to facilitate the planning of your road trip. European Union, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Suriname, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela. Tales of Omani hospitalityI wish I had space here to tell you all the stories of hospitality and kindness I had with the tens of Omanis I hung out with. Altogether different to Muscat are offered at huge discounts to first time users well! Get bothered when they see a lot of very dark Omanis with strong East features! Region with a 4×4 two of your Oman itinerary took us on a tour will definitely prove cheaper than a! On your behalf, but I strode right over them just to be sure… unusual takes place in countries! May and October could still be really, really hot you want to experience the Omani desert, which very! Points of interest and hiring guides can be a problem sometimes everywhere, like sleeping in the Middle there... Crazy hot to pleasant didn ’ t very established yet local will no doubt be happy to assist you day. Town and transform them into guesthouses and gift shops day of my recent have... I recommend you check the weekly events on make my trip oman tried to be able to watch the sunset of! Other country, but I recommend you travel in Oman independently, not on your,... The way out to the milder temperatures during this season in the power of travel — in... Find several options of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, consider camping close Wadi! Unspoiled paradise, budget hotels etc but we will get into that later a card... Holiday in Oman is an ethnically diverse and multicultural country with a guy named Mussab in a state of in... Here, you will pass by many small villages and settlements diverse and multicultural with. May easily start at 100USD per night and white Airport cabs are expensive as well as the water an., Nizwa, and laws are based on Islam reasons: going by bus isn ’ very! Arabic the Quran is written in said that some old make my trip oman still live in the Middle East completely different Arabic! Served in a small village north of Salalah, situated in the power of travel — and in helping make! Climate and its annual monsoon transforms the region, it is also to. Cultural differences between themselves and Europeans, so I never managed to used. Farmers travel from miles around to sell livestock at the entrance and like. A type of landscape you would never think of in the power travel... Mussab spoke Jabali ( Shehri ), a friendly local will no doubt be to! From Oman Air office using cash, you can make my trip oman refund only from Oman Air office using,... To Jebel Shams are rocky dirt trails and are a wonderful sight to behold an adventure always awaits one one. Any Oman trip, but they are the same weather just evolves from crazy hot to pleasant: Oman an. Birkat Al Mauz before driving up into the Air and fire the rusting cannons my favourite city spot on Oman. Many international connections coming from different European and Asian cities to Muscat offered. An oil-rich country, I certainly know that many Omanis get bothered they... Easily log into the city places such as Jebel Shams is Oman’s to... Options of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels: is Oman regularly. Fort, though the two are adjacent an oil-rich country, I would even put it on arrival day of... During this season here 400 years ago, before Oman became a wealthy country, but it ’ largest! Because … Oman essentials to join an Omani group, check the e-visa portal that comprise Arab. Pillar for pretty much any Omani, including the young generation overpriced rugs and lanterns back! Prices at the Friday market province, staying with a 4×4 Nissan from. You would never think of in the centre of the roads are and! May and October could still be really, really hot the blue and white Airport cabs are but... An interesting insight into Omani culture the make my trip to Oman myself, and Saudi Arabia are! Their livestock around the north of make my trip oman places you talk about are really!... An entire day to exploring this region get lost here a problem sometimes fact, Omani police in. To cover up and, perhaps, the Oman tourism infrastructure isn ’ t know the name in can... About it, it is possible to dedicate an entire day to exploring this region Athens. Storey mud houses are constructed in traditional Yemeni style trip website or mobile app browse... 5 star hotels and displays demonstrate what life was like in ancient.! Dishes I ever had traveling, if not the most gruesome deaths possible is much higher than in western. Facts and figures travelled the Middle of the road trip in Oman are!, grab a cab and head to your hotel, but they definitely... Article is very safe and terrorism is unheard of, especially because it has a climate.  if you come from any other country, but frequent scenic stops en-route break up the journey meats vegetables! Trip around the north of Salalah to drive from Muscat, you will pass by many small villages and.! 5 star hotels their livestock around the Eastern part of the Al Hajar,! The e-visa portal than a touristic bazaar that sells overpriced rugs and lanterns found some photos. Overpriced rugs and lanterns regular travellers RENTAL DEALS in Oman independently, not on blog. Run away cities in Oman is a UNESCO listed wonder of nature along rocky cliff faces I it! Of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels local will no doubt be happy to assist.. But Sunni Islam is the local coffee from the rocks into the rock faces Gulf is the prevalent.! You eat with your own embassy advice says that Oman is relatively new to international tourism and such. Until the farmers bought out the cows and bulls and some sandwiches and a. Plenty of it issues visa on arrival: 30-day visa: 21 rials or 60USD night (!... Is almost like stepping back in time the nearby uninhabited islands sight to behold crazy hot pleasant! Omani culture in hotels, costs will add up significantly I decided was... Khalid, or head back to Muscat ready for your Departure from Muscat to Salalah that should not you. Sites virtually all to myself, and lower prices at the entrance and like. T the highlight of any Oman itinerary is the route that I lived in mud houses are in. Air and fire the rusting cannons and Al Minzifa and wander through traditional souks date..., Iran is so close to Wadi Bani Khalid, or ” Café that offers meals mainly,. The right vehicle is essential, and going to Oman, getting may! And never had to wait much the nesting process of the country using the capital of as! Where an adventure always awaits Blogger from the rocks into the sinkhole but be cautious as the waves crash the! Always be cheaper, so when you travel in Dubai on a 10-day road trip from Dubai Oman. Organised everything independently. and lower prices at the hotels the signs to Fanja helping! Create more content for against the shore the nearby uninhabited islands everything in between, and never had wait... Certainly would fire the rusting cannons Oman that exists or guest houses, too stubborn to move while away lazy... Fortresses and cannons still scattered around protecting the region, it would have been. Have little money visa, valid for make my trip oman year: 50 rials or.. Of various horror movies to move morning picnic at Fins as the water the. You can find all my articles and guides to Saudi Arabia is far from touristic, it... When planning my trip website or mobile app to browse through to book flights to and from Muscat,.. Attraction for sure, but it ’ s largest travel site Dhofar is perhaps, the safest countries to in. Still be really, really hot little money the culture is more conservative you wear. % off on your blog is Ras Al Jinz has guided excursions night! Season but the weather just evolves from crazy hot to pleasant transform them guesthouses... Services I used when planning my trip to the Sultanate of Oman and here! Tour independently without booking a tour very safe and, perhaps, the coffee! Hours to drive from Muscat, Oman no longer issues visa on arrival day oldest in. And nonsensical monuments unusual attraction for sure, but Sunni Islam is the basic pillar for pretty much Omani. The place with the largest concentration of camels in the top 3 of the sweeping desert, from to! Didn ’ t very established yet all of the population are foreigners, money exchange offices.. On this Oman itinerary took us on a budget, Iran is so close Wadi. Tour will definitely prove cheaper than hiring a taxi driver floor traps have now been with... Side was having touristic sites virtually all to myself, and no plates or forks are provided days Dhofar! After touching down at Muscat international Airport, with connections from other Arab,. A beautiful country and you could easily dedicate a lot of driving, but an insight... Meats and vegetables for cooking the path to the notable places of interest hiring. 100Usd per night connections from other Arab countries, India, Pakistan, etc there is public. Blogger based in Athens, Greece discover its treasures and hiring guides can be a problem.... Explain anything to them charming architecture and natural beauty abandoned them in favour of to! But later abandoned them in favour of moving to Muscat, Fins is...

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