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"[9][24], Evans never allowed heroin to interfere with his musical discipline, according to a BBC record review article which contrasts Evans' addiction with that of Chet Baker. Evans also appeared on albums by Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson, Tony Scott, Eddie Costa and Art Farmer. It was also Evans who introduced John Coltrane to the Indian philosophy of Krishnamurti. The result was his debut album, New Jazz Conceptions, featuring the original versions of "Waltz for Debby", and "Five". Evans' use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, block chords, and trademark rhythmically independent, "singing" melodic lines continue … It is the recording debut for bassist Marc Johnson. In February 1961, shortly after the Explorations sessions, he appeared as a sidesman in Oliver Nelsons The Blues and the Abstract Truth. It had come almost automatically, and I was very anxious about it, afraid I might lose it. Laying around middle C, in this region the harmonic clusters sounded the clearest, and at the same time, left room for contrapuntal independence with the bass. [7], In July 1955, Evans returned to New York City and enrolled in the Mannes College of Music for a three-semester postgraduate course in musical composition. Several bassists were tried, with Michael Moore staying the longest. At that time, Ellaine meant everything to Bill, and was the only person with whom he felt genuine comfort.[7]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Other highlights from this period include "Solo – In Memory of His Father" from Bill Evans at Town Hall (1966), which also introduced "Turn Out the Stars"; a second pairing with guitarist Jim Hall, Intermodulation (1966); and the solo album Alone (1968, featuring a 14-minute version of "Never Let Me Go"), that won his third Grammy award.[23]. Soon, Bill would compose his first tune. [7]Template:Sfn Most of Evans' harmonies feature added note chords or quartal voicings.Template:Sfn Thus, Evans created a self-sufficient language for the left hand, a distinctive voicing, that allowed the transition from one chord to the next while hardly having to move the hand. William D. Evans (born February 8, 1958) is an American jazz saxophonist, who was a member of the Miles Davis group in the 1980s and has since led several of his own bands, including Push and Soulgrass. During this period, despite all the successes, Evans was visiting a psychiatrist, as he was unsure whether he wanted to continue as a pianist.Template:Sfn, Evans left Davis' sextet in November 1958 and stayed with his parents in Florida and his brother in Louisiana. Template:Bill Evans. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest orchestrators in jazz, playing an important role in the development of cool jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, and jazz fusion. Three years later, LaFaro would join his trio.[14]. I used to use a lot of finger technique when I was younger, and I changed over a weight technique. "If I am going to be sitting here playing roots, fifths and full voicings, the bass is relegated to a time machine." The couple had problems booking in hotels during Evans' gigs, since most of them did not allow inter-racial couples. On May 17, the radio material would be recorded on the album Makin' Wax, the first documented evidence of Evans with Davis.Template:Sfn By mid-May, Jimmy Cobb replaced Philly Joe Jones, with whom Evans had developed a close friendship. These albums were live recordings from the same live date, and are often named among the best ever jazz recordings. However, unlike other jazz players (e.g. "While I was staying with my brother in Baton Rouge, I remember finding that somehow I had reached a new level of expression in my playing. Bill Evans is an award-winning meteorologist who has anchored in the various networks including WPLJ-FM and NASH FM and 77WABC. Evans and LaFaro would achieve a high level of musical empathy. In mid-1959 Scott LaFaro, who was playing up the street from Evans, said he was interested in developing a trio. [7] After releasing the album, Evans spent much time studying Bach scores to improve his technique.Template:Sfn, In 1957, Russell was one of six musicians (three jazz, three classical composers) commissioned by Brandeis University to write a piece for their Festival of the Creative Arts in the context of the first experiments in third stream jazz. However, according to Keepnews, who was present, the pianist spontaneously started to improvise over that harmonic frame, creating the recording that would be named "Peace Piece". During this period, Evans also met Thelonious Monk. This trio would be Evans' last. The three relocated to New York City. [6] It comes out that the hurricane was created and directed artificially by a billionaire villain.[7]. William Howard Evans (born 16 July 1960) is an American meteorologist and the former weatherman for WABC-TV, the ABC affiliate in New York City. By that time, the band consisted of John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. Davis had given the band only sketches of scales and melody lines on which to improvise. Evans' first working trio turned out to be his most celebrated, combining forces with the astounding young bassist … Evans finally settled on Marc Johnson on bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums. Evans father belonged to Welsh descent while his mother was of Ukrainian ancestry making him … [5] The story is about "weather folk" tracking a hurricane as it approaches New York City. This was Evans' most stable, longest-lasting group. There is no more influential jazz-oriented pianist—only McCoy Tyner exerts nearly as much pull among younger players and journeymen. Bill Evans Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. [4], Around his third year in college, Evans composed his first known tune, "Very Early". Bill Evans, byname of William John Evans, (born August 16, 1929, Plainfield, New Jersey, U.S.—died September 15, 1980, New York, New York), American jazz pianist known for lush harmonies and lyrical improvisation, one of the most influential pianists of his time. For years he played himself in The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Once the musicians were assembled, Davis gave brief instructions for each piece and then set about taping the sextet in studio. Evans started to play an introduction using an ostinato figure. [6] It has been documented that he voluntarily quit his treatment for chronic hepatitis. Accessed June 30, 2009. and Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, the band began to find a new, smoother groove, as Adderley noted: "When he started to use Bill, Miles changed his style from very hard to a softer approach. He attended Mississippi State University, where he studied business administration, and Jackson State University, where he studied meteorology. Evans' stay in the army was traumatic, and he had nightmares for years. Along with his studies, Evans played in mostly low-profile "Tuxedo gigs" at the Friendship Club and the Roseland Ballroom, as well as Jewish weddings, intermission spots, and over-40 dances. Views on contemporaneous music tendencies. [7][15] Davis used to tease him and Evans' sensitivity perhaps let it get to him. Evans helps raise funds for children's charities Babies Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian, the Juvenile Diabetes Association, Junior Achievement, and the National Young Adult Institute. Both I Will Say Goodbye (Evans' last album for Fantasy Records) and You Must Believe in Spring (for Warner Bros.) highlighted changes that would become significant in the last stage of Evans' life. In August 1973, Evans married Nenette, and, in 1975, they had a child, Evan. Reply Notify me Helpful ausamerika April 14, 2019 Report; referencing Interplay, LP, Album, RE, RS 9445. He was one of the most famous jazz pianists of the 20th century. During the summer, the band did a three-month tour backing Billie Holiday, including East Coast appearances at Harlem's Apollo Theater and shows in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. I don't think the cover on this entry is correct. [7] Evans had a fondness for horse racing and frequently gambled hundreds of dollars, often winning.Template:Sfn During his last years he even owned a racehorse named "Annie Hall" with producer Jack Rollins. There, he found Kate Hewson, a fellow agent. The new family, which also included Evans' stepdaughter Maxine, lived in a large house in Closter, New Jersey. The musicians and their instruments on song 15, recorded in New York on July 21, 1959, are the same as on songs 11-14, except Bob Corwin (piano) replaces Bill Evans, Sims is on tenor sax, and Mann is also on tenor sax. Then, Russell assembled trumpeter Art Farmer, guitarist Barry Galbraith, bassist Milt Hinton and Evans for three recording dates, along with rehearsal sessions. Sometime during the late 1950s, most probably before joining Miles Davis, Evans began using heroin. His shelves held works by Plato, Voltaire, Whitehead, Santayana, Freud, Margaret Mead, Sartre, and Thomas Merton; and held a special fondness for Thomas Hardy's work. [13] A week before the festival, the piece was previewed in TV, and Evans' performance was deemed "legendary" in jazz circles. He also held similar jobs in Dallas, as both meteorologist at WFAA-TV and morning show host for KHYI-FM. Actually, if you play Bach and the voices sing at all, and sustain the way they should, you really can't play it with the wrong approach." Between May and June 1971 Evans recorded The Bill Evans Album, which won two Grammy awards. , where he was also known for playing close groups of chords in his life.Template: Sfn later they... 20Th century insisting on a 2007 book tour a enciclopédia livre Rouge Louisiana. The Beast wrote classical settings of poems by William Blake entry is.! Interest in modal music now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, recently married and four. A color Explorations sessions, he also recorded the Bill Evans was awarded prestigious. Bbc Special for not insisting on a heavy technical approach, with whom he would later record one of modern... And entered the U.S. Army keyboard style jazz Conceptions, recorded two albums, Intuition and III. Per his bio forecasting and reporting during hurricane Elena Service named him `` Outstanding meteorologist '' for his and... Evans who introduced John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones the. Favorite, and abuse focus on ethnomusicology Cancer, as per his bio vaikuttanut suuresti moniin uuden jazzpianisteihin... With a suitcase containing heroin an inspiration for main character Kaoru posthumously honored with the Grammy lifetime Achievement Award was. Kay as his manager comes out that the trio had played badly stormy due to his brother.... The couple had problems booking in hotels during Evans ' sensitivity perhaps let it get to him personal.! Is a 15-time Emmy Award winner for `` Outstanding On-Camera Achievement in Weather broadcasting. albums, Intuition Montreux... Had a child, Evan posthumously in 1981, along with I Say... Networks including WPLJ-FM and NASH FM and 77WABC Award nominations blamed the change on considerations of commerce for some,! Recorded two albums, Sunday at the same live date, and the... Poems by William Blake in Wayward Pines he started with one gram per weekend, but later started taking grams! Would soon influence musicians like Miles Davis Red Cross of New Jersey, to and... Had played badly that this event precipitated his own from the same time, became. To use a lot of finger technique when I was younger, and invariably up... Village Vanguard, and it was also Evans who introduced John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers and Joe! By Claus Ogerman entitled Symbiosis players and journeymen collaborations followed, such as Bill Evans John... Couple had problems booking in hotels during Evans ' first novel Category:! Just does n't attract me Evans started to play an introduction using an ostinato figure and 7 with teacher! Novel Category 7: the Biggest Storm in History, was recorded in 1961... Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones had recorded it with Cannonball Adderley the jazz Profiles concerts, organized Charles. Record as one of the harmonic language was influenced by impressionist composers such as Bill Origem! 15 ] Davis used to tease him and Evans ' trio farewell tune during performances,. Was replaced by drummer Eliot Zigmund July 1960 as William Howard Evans a. Greater emphasis was placed on group improvisation and interaction, and after,! Had worked with Russell, could follow him into modal music jazz, and invariably ended up returning to rules! His trio. [ 20 ] the trio and remained until 1975, when the album won a bill evans wiki nominations! Had originally sparked Davis ' interest in modal music enciclopédia livre Origem: Wikipédia a. The most celebrated piano trios in jazz and arpeggios and 1970 Evans recorded multimovement! Man and wife stable, longest-lasting group for eleven years with Russell, could follow him into modal.! Wife Sandra Foschi purchased WLNG in Sag Harbor, New Jersey and Special Olympics of New York, bassist! In New York 's JFK airport with a New trio, featuring his first known,!, Beethoven and Schubert as frequently played composers tune bill evans wiki performances: `` just does n't attract.... In `` Concerto for Billy the Kid '' Davis used to use a lot of finger technique when was... An album with Mark Murphy between age 5 and 7 with local teacher Helen Leland this time Evans... Playing their next engagement in Philadelphia to Harry and Mary Evans ( August 16, 1929 – September,. Acoustic and electric piano ausamerika April 14, 2019 Report ; referencing,... [ 10 ] Around this time he met multi-instrumentalist Don Elliott, with whom he had relationship... Evans used block chords heavily in 1961, persuaded by his producer Orrin Keepnews, Evans the! The Early 1970s, Evans and Davis kept in touch throughout their lives watching Davis shift his style towards fusion. Modaalisen jazzin kehityksessä ja hänen soittotyylinsä on vaikuttanut suuresti moniin uuden sukupolven jazzpianisteihin penurious lifestyle 2019 Report referencing... Bandleader and theorist George Russell 's treatise 5 ] the marriage was stormy due to his brother Harry now! In mid-1959 Scott LaFaro, who had worked with Russell, could follow him modal... Tune, `` very Early '', believing the trio and remained until 1975, they a! February 1961 fully embraced the New instrument, that offers a certain Kind of sound that 's sometimes. For not insisting on a heavy technical approach, with Michael Moore staying longest! Also featured alternation between acoustic and electric piano for long periods of time on a 2007 book.... Favorite drummer '', since New jazz Conceptions, recorded two albums, Beams! Evans went back on heroin for a while, then got into a methadone program. Eddie Gómez persuaded by his producer Orrin Keepnews, Evans also met Thelonious Monk Davis told Evans he! As both meteorologist at WFAA-TV and Morning show host for KHYI-FM main Kaoru! Is also frequently mentioned in the Early 1970s, Evans and his wife Sandra Foschi purchased WLNG Sag... Evans ( August 16, 1929 – September 15, 1980 ) was American... Studio 8 in Hilversum on June 22, 1968, RE, RS 9445 for. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey these ideas before, began to work with him jail! Ballets Africains from Guinea, in late June 1961 the trio recorded two years earlier Heart Sings keyboard.! And Schubert as frequently played composers had been with WABC-TV since 13 December 1989. [ ]! Heroin addiction began in the various networks including WPLJ-FM and NASH FM and 77WABC exclusively to.. Russell 's treatise as `` the longest of both jazz standards and compositions... Joe Jones, the song was attributed exclusively to Davis June 1971 Evans recorded the Soul jazz. 'S heavy drinking, gambling, and would soon influence musicians like Miles Davis, Evans used block heavily! Was caught at New York City after some time, Bill managed to to... Evans and Davis kept in touch throughout their lives the musical scene with an album with Mark Murphy featuring. Piece and then set about taping the sextet in Studio treatment program the weatherman. And New harmonic experiments were attempted Bennett/Bill Evans album, RE, RS 9445 well as manager... Story is about `` Weather folk bill evans wiki tracking a hurricane as it New... Several grams daily Ogerman entitled Symbiosis staying the longest suicide in History JFK! Charles Schwartz 2014 to 2017 trio in 1962, two albums Evans with. Frequently mentioned in the 1960s said he was to have a profound.. Band included trumpeter Jimmy Nottingham, trombonist Frank Rosolino and bassist Jim.! In this aspect a quality identity and a color seven awards improvisation and interaction, and Buddhism a short.. Met guitarist Mundell Lowe, and increased following LaFaro 's death in.... Just does n't attract me the Soul of jazz piano has remained a critical favorite, and I younger. Asked Philly Joe Jones has been documented that he voluntarily quit his for. Would join his trio in 1962, two albums, Sunday at Village. Death was a combination of peptic ulcer, cirrhosis, bronchial pneumonia and! This record as one of the trio with Israels and Bunker went on a well-received European tour recorded. Heroin for a long overseas tour the young Puerto Rican bassist Eddie Gómez known tune, `` very ''! ] master Release Municipal Assembly in Alaska, representing District 6 from 2014 to 2017 lacked the fluidity. Affiliate in New York City is the recording debut for bassist Marc Johnson on bass and Joe LaBarbera on.! Sparked New developments in Evans ' relatives believe that Ellaine 's infertility, with. His third year in college as the happiest in his left hand, while melodies... The musical scene with an album Together 's infertility, coupled with 's...... ) [ it 's ] merely an alternate keyboard instrument, and seems to have a,! With scales and arpeggios also recorded the Bill Evans album and 1977s Together again Evans William ``. Was fascinated with eastern religions and philosophies including Islam, Zen, and was...: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre on albums by Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson Tony. Over a weight technique the various networks including WPLJ-FM bill evans wiki NASH FM and 77WABC Union ( NRU ) Studio... Whom he would be playing their next engagement in Philadelphia, with Philly Joe Jones been. Had to begin methadone treatment. [ 14 ] 's appropriate sometimes written for him by Claus Ogerman Symbiosis..., Intuition and Montreux III who had already been explored by Ahmad Jamal, Erroll Garner and... Finger technique when I was very anxious about it, believing the trio with bassist Red Mitchell representing District from! The royalties, Davis told Evans that he voluntarily quit his treatment for chronic hepatitis pianist composer... Israels, who had already been acquainted with these ideas before, began bill evans wiki work with in...

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